These are real comments from real readers.

“Love the Willi Kraus books! Mr. Grossman, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoy your novels. I just finished Brotherhood of Fear and am anxious to read the next Willi Kraus mystery/thriller!”

– Thaddeus

“Just read my first Paul Grossman novel – Children of Wrath. Wonderful writing, tight plotting and pacing, marvelous characters – loved Willi Kraus and his family circle. Appreciated the Weimar context and the appreciation of Kripo’s Bernhard Weiss. Good historical touches about that era’s Berlin. Thank you, Paul Grossman. I’ll be buying your earlier novel and the upcoming one as well.”

– Janet

“I have been reading all of these since they came out and have greatly enjoyed. Can’t wait for the next one!”

– Robert

“Please please please just know that we are waiting for the next book. Never in all my years have I come across a brilliant way of telling the story of the victims of the war, among them all of my father’s family. And I think I have read almost everything that was written about the subject. Again thank you.”

– Tova

“I very much enjoyed all three Willi Kraus novels. You are a wonderful writer. Willi is one of my favorite literary characters. Please let me know when your next book will be published. It won’t be soon enough. Thank you for all the enjoyment.”

– Sonny

“Mr. Grossman, I just finished reading Children of Wrath and was astounded. I couldn’t put it down. I read “The Sleepwalkers” after you sent me a copy. I hope you have more stories for Detective Willie. Thank you for a good read.”

– Bob

“Mr Grossman, I am looking forward to your next book. The subject matter and your characters are very well developed. My family are all rooting for Willy and his 2 sons. Keep up the great writing, you have a lot of fans.”

– Steven

“Love Willi – you have a magic pen. Maybe you can sleep less and write more. Anyway, thanks for the history and the perfectly put together sentences.”

– Noel

“I like to read crime stories set between World War 1 and World War 2. In Germany we have a lot of such crime stories. But your stories with Inspektor Krauss are the best of all!!! I always read the books in only two days because they are so fantastic!!! Hopefully I wait for the next crime story about Willi Krauss…I hope you will write more… Will you?!? :) Greetings from Germany!!!”

– Axel